June 28, 2007

Desertification for dessert

Here is one today and again it is based on a goofy UN study

By Alister Doyle, Environment Correspondent

OSLO (Reuters) - Desertification could drive tens of millions of people from their homes, mainly in sub-Saharan Africa and central Asia, a U.N. study warned on Thursday.

One quote confirms every suspicion you might have had about UN types being totally clueless.  "It is hard to isolate desertification from other factors making people move, such as poverty or armed conflicts".  Yeaaah riiight, poverty, war, deserts, they all look the same to me too.

Also noticed that Doyle has promoted CO2 from the rank of "main greenhouse gas" (which it is NOT) to "industrial greenhouse gas".  OMG that just makes it sound soooo much more ominous doesn't it?

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