June 14, 2007

Strange ivory fetish

Two more stories today regarding the ivory trade ban (that makes five stories about ivory in three days) and one about trade restrictions on coral:

A 1989 ban on elephant ivory exports will be extended for nine years after one-off sales of stocks by southern African nations

and here:

A U.N. wildlife conference extended a 1989 ban on African elephant ivory exports on Thursday by nine years

and this one contains the phrase "global warming" which Doyle somehow managed to avoid using for six very long days:

Trade in red and pink corals prized as jewellery for 5,000 years will be restricted to try to help the species recover after drastic over-exploitation

After so many years of typing that sequence of keys at least once in every paragraph the pressure must have been intense.  Imagine Doyle at the keyboard maniacally typing page after page of "global warming" like Jack Nicholson in "The Shining".

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