June 01, 2007

Summary for May 2007

Alister Doyle's last work of fiction in May:

OSLO (Reuters) - Greenhouse gas emissions by leading industrialised nations have accelerated since 2000 and several countries are performing worse than the United States which opposes a U.N. pact for curbing global warming, U.N. data shows.


One of the objectives of this blog is to call attention to the fact that most of the alarmist global warming hype is produced by just a few so called "journalists". In the 31 days of May Doyle wrote 22 global warming doom and gloom stories for the Reuters wire just like this last one. Most filled with exactly the same nonsense. Contrary to Doyle's claim CO2 is not the main greenhouse gas, the correct answer is water vapor, but there just isn't any point in trying to correct someone who also claims that global warming is going to cause water shortages and rising seas.

Is Alister Doyle a knee biting yellow journalist?
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1 --  Thank you El Chupacabra for the great public service you are doing by subjecting the claims of a modern snake oil salesman to the bright light of real science.

Posted by: ElectronTubes at June 03, 2007 06:56 PM (NRd2A)

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