June 12, 2007

The evils of capitalism

Doyle might be tired of spreading the religion of global warming but he can always be counted on to produce a nice anti-capitalist rant. Two almost identical stories today:

Kenya and Mali cut demands on Tuesday to expand and tighten a 1989 world ban on the trade in elephant ivory as a compromise to avoid a standoff with other African nations at a U.N. forum


Kenya and Mali reduced their demands to extend a 1989 world ban on the trade in elephant ivory but ran into deadlock on Tuesday at a U.N. forum with other African nations who want tightly controlled trade

Socialists don't understand the concept of value. If the animal has value then people will protect it. If the ivory trade is banned then the animal has no value, except to the poachers who are somehow able to sell the ivory in spite of the world trade ban.

Today at lunch scientists came very close to reaching a consensus on the Filthy Sanchez resolution.

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